The Y's Happily Ever After

September 26, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Leo

I know it's hard to believe....but our little Leo is 7 years old today :)  He has brought us so much happiness and joy :)

And now for pictures from his annual birthday celebration :)
 Peanut butter doggie birthday cake with cottage cheese frosting :)
 Super Cute
 When do I get some cake???
 Mommy and Leo
My new toy with 16 squeakers..and daddy :)

September 22, 2011

Thankful on Thursday

1)  I am thankful to be home with my hubby, eating dinner together and cuddling on the couch!  This is the first night this week I've been home before 8:30 a.m.

2)  My wonderful hubby for putting up with my crazy work schedule all you!

3) Three successful Back to School Nights.......still loving my new job and all the opportunities it has given me.

4) Leo for always "freaking out" when I get's hard to believe that he will be 7 years old on Monday!!

5) A super fun time with friends at the wine festival this past weekend....good wine and loved catching up with old friends and a surprise sleepover with the Eckerts....great weekend!

6)  Count Chocula....yes it's that time of year again....the one cereal I actually crave and LOVE.....already have two boxes and foresee a few more in my future :)

7) A fun "Leo birthday weekend" apple picking :)

8) Logan is going to be a big brother!!!!

9) Being hopeful...............

September 15, 2011

Thankful on Thursday

1) Leo....we have been teaching him to sit on his bed while we eat to try and eliminate his severe begging habit.  He has been doing a great job, but his new trick is to sit on his bed and then randomly get up, do a circle and sit back down on his's like he is saying, "Look guys I'm sitting on my bed...reward please!"  It is super cute and made me laugh a couple of times tonight :)

2)  My hubby.......he was in Texas visiting his friend Eddie last weekend and I really missed him so it's been great to have him back!

3) Sleep...every since TJ has been back...I've actually been sleeping on my own (no sleepy medicine)!

4) definitely makes the busy days easier!!

5) No Rain.......I was getting sick of the rain, not to mention the fact that I was soaked from dismissal every day last week.  While it sprinkled was nothing compared to the torrential downpours from last week.  It's supposed to be sunny and a high of 70 this weekend...AMAZING!

6) Seeing friends at the Wine Festival this weekend....looking forward to it.  As much as I wish that I wasn't able to drink...I have to be thankful that I can this weekend!!

7) Ashley....for a great girls weekend last week....thanks for helping me make my parents change of address cards....I think the wine helped :)   I know this was a tough week for you....just remember that you are amazing and stronger than you know!

September 1, 2011

Thankful on Thursday

This week I'm thankful for............

1) Being appreciated and so much more at my new is so refreshing to actually be trusted, have a say, laugh and have people play practical jokes at work.  The secretary took my shoes today and put them on our stuffed Timberwolf.  I looked everywhere for was hilarious :)

2) A successful open house and kick off to the new school year.

3) Leo for his never ending happy greetings and keeping me company at night when I can't sleep.

4) My amazing hubby for putting up with my late hours at work, exhaustion at home, difficulty sleeping and keeping him up by tossing and turning.  I love going to bed and waking up next to him each and every day.

5) Kbarbs for always stopping in at the end of the day to check on me and see how my day was....makes me smile :)

6) A three day weekend :)

7) Looking forward to a fun weekend....

Wishing all my teacher friends a successful open house and start to the new year :)