The Y's Happily Ever After

June 10, 2014

Two Months

Height/Weight - 13 lbs 8 oz (77 percentile) and 24 inches long (90 percentile) :)

Eating- We are still breastfeeding and bottle feeding at every meal.  He has 4 oz about every 2.5-3 hours!

Sleep- Ehh....for the past two weeks we have only napped in the car while mommy runs errands or when mommy holds me which makes for long days where not much gets done!!!  Mommy sure does enjoy the extra cuddle times though!!  At night, we get anywhere from a 4-6 hour stretch, eat, another 3-4 hour stretch, eat, and a 2-3 hour stretch before we are up for the day.

Play-  Lucas is very active and always moving his arms and kicking his feet!!  He loves looking at lights and fans and has recently started enjoying laying on the floor in William's playroom smiling and looking around while Will plays.

Likes - Eating, taking walks in the bob or when carrier, being held, sleeping on mommy, for the most part he enjoys car rides, mommy singing and making faces at him, LOVES his brother (despite how often he gets hit in the head by him!!), Daddy feeding him before bedtime, his swing at night and tickling his toes.

Dislikes - Naps (inconsistently but still not a big fan lately), being hit by his brother, his pacifier recently (its hit or miss), being cold.

I've said it before but we are continually amazed at how blessed we are :)

Now for the pictures...they go from one month to two months :)
 You will notice a trend of sleeping on people...LOL!

 I wish I could sleep like that!
 Brotherly Love

 Not all the Two Month Pictures were happy!