The Y's Happily Ever After

May 25, 2011

Not so wordless Wednesday

Leo just caught Fievel...........
RIP Fievel.........
I may be scared that my baby boy just killed Fievel!

May 24, 2011


OMG........if you are a watermelon lover....RUN over to Costco and pick up a large seedless watermelon!!! I cannot believe how juicy and sweet this watermelon is! Seriously, if I have to devote an entire post to must be pretty good! Leo is a big watermelon fan and couldn't get enough of this stuff!!


May 23, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Two years ago today, I married my best friend :) I cannot imagine spending my life with anyone else. While we have gone through ups and downs....we always come out smiling because we have each other. I am truly blessed to wake up each morning next to the love of my life and go to sleep next the the man of my dreams. Thanks for making me laugh all the time, honey! You mean the world to me :) Happy 2nd Anniversary!!!
Flowers from TJ, delivered at work today :)

Some of my Favorite Wedding Pictures:

May 22, 2011


So other than being super exhausted (slept through hubby watching Nascar....I never sleep with the TV or radio on, bed at 9:30 pm last night and then two naps today)........I'm hoping that we don't have the stomach bug/flu/food poisoning.

So both TJ and I just aren't feeling too great. I had a really hard time in Costco today because I just didn't feel good and was a little nauseous....but made it through. I came home and took a nap and since then have been doing chores and getting ready for the work week. A few hours ago, after nap number 2, both TJ and I started to have stomach cramps....not the happy kind either. So far it comes and I'm hoping that it goes away or just runs it course without either of us getting sick tonight.

It couldn't come at a worse time as I have two very important meetings in the morning and tomorrow is our 2nd Anniversary.....REALLY!!!

Fingers crossed that we can sleep this off!!!

May 17, 2011


This picture does a great job of explaining how I feel today..........EXHAUSTED!! I seriously would like to kiss the person that invented comfy jammies and cozy blankets :) I'm off to do nothing until it reaches an hour I can justify going to bed :)

May 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday

It's working is my post from yesterday :)
1)I’m super thankful that tomorrow is Friday….why do the weeks seem to be getting longer? (Okay so now I'm super thankful Friday is over!!)

2) The online testing simulation went VERY well… major problems and everyone seemed to understand what to do and when! I couldn’t have done it without the amazing Christine.

Shannon….thank you so much for the special card you gave me today….made me cry happy tears.

4) My WONDERFUL hubby…..I have come home this week to a vacuumed and dusted house, dishes cleaned after dinner, and much much more….I know my allergies are driving him crazy, but he really goes above and beyond to make sure I’m comfortable and able to just relax. Did I mention that he took me to see Fast Five, even though I know it wasn't on his list of movies to see :) I love you honey :)

5) Have I mentioned how much I love Leo…..he makes a huge deal of me coming home with tail waggin’ and lots of kisses. I love the way he cuddles and begs for me to continue petting him. He makes me smile all the time :)

Kelly for always remaining positive, even in the worst situations. Thanks for teaching me the walrus dance….you know who to come to when you have to ask awkward questions….too funny, but you know I’m always here for you!

7) A very happy phone call I received today….well I’m hoping it turns into an excellent opportunity!

8) Air conditioning….seriously my allergies are horrible and if it weren’t for air conditioning and super soft tissues, I would be miserable.

9) Ashley for always starting and ending my work days on a positive note. I am amazed at how well you articulate student concerns to DENIAL…..seriously you are an amazing teacher and friend and I’m blessed to have you in my life. I'm glad your bite wound is healing....and I hope you never have to go through that again!!

10) Seeing friends in NC this weekend.

11) Mom....thanks for your enthusiasm and positive you!

Have a great weekend :)

May 5, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I'm getting better at posting more often :)

There is so much to be thankful for this week!

1) A sense of Peace for many family's affected by 9-11 and to all the brave men and women who continue to fight to keep us safe each and every day....I am incredibly thankful for you and all you do!

2) Kelly for always making me laugh....I loved your walrus dance today....I think we need to teach the kids and make it a hit :) You always go above and beyond to make things easier for really are AMAZING :) I know you don't hear it enough, but you are wonderful and always do a great job!!

3) Successful meetings and a compliment from a supervisor from the KLC :)

4) Blueberries :)

5) I think people are going to start thinking I'm obsessed with Ashley, but seriously, she is just amazing and even though she has a DIFFICULT (to put it mildly) student in her class who has hit, pushed and kicked her this week, she left today with a smile. I only wish there was more I could do to make her work days go more smoothly :( Thank you for always making my day fun. Was that a snowball that just hit you???

6) My Madre for sending me the cutest book ever...can't wait to read/use it....Love you!!

7) I am thankful for being home before 8:30 pm tonight. It has been a rough week and this is the first night I was able to work out, eat dinner with my hubby and take Leo for a walk :)

8) It's almost the all my friends who are Mom's or Mom's to be....Happy Mother's Day :)

May 2, 2011


Seriously...........ALLERGIES! I often wonder why some people have allergies and others don't! I unfortunately am lucky enough to have allergies (said sarcastically). Don't get me wrong....if you don't suffer from allergies I am so happy for you :)
A little boring history....I was on allergy shots for a number of years and they seemed to help, but I was still taking allergy medicine while getting the shots! I'm basically allergic to everything brown and green outside as well as cats and dogs. Needless to say, I believe I have become immune to Leo and would never consider giving him up just because an allergist said I was allergic to him :) I decided about 2 years ago to stop taking shots and surprisingly, I did very well off the shots and felt better just using allergy medication :) I was very nervous about getting married in May, outside in a beautiful garden. Luckily, my allergies were almost non-existent for my Wedding day :) Normally, when the pollen comes out, I get a little stuffy and my eyes water a little bit....nothing that Benadryl, in addition to my allergy medicine, can't fix.
That brings us to the past few weeks. My allergies have been AWFUL....seriously, ridiculously AWFUL. I can deal with a runny nose, but the itchy, watery eyes have got to go. If you have had allergies, you understand the itchy, watery's ridiculous. My eyes get so bad that it gets hard to drive cause they are watering and so itchy. So why am I venting if it is obvious I will always suffer from allergies ..........because there is nothing else I can take to control my allergies at this time.....I'm taking it all. I guess I just have to hope that it gets better, I develop an immunity or that some miracle cure is developed.
So if you don't suffer from allergies(please celebrate) and please be sympathetic to those of us that walk around looking like we are crying or "high" because our eyes are red, watery and itchy!