The Y's Happily Ever After

November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Thankful on Thursday

It's the Thanksgiving version of Thankful on Thursday :)

1) My wonderful, loving, supportive, caring and funny hubby!  I honestly did marry the guy that I wake up next to each morning wondering how I got so lucky.  We laugh together on a daily basis :)  I love you honey!

2) Leo....who has been wiped out and sleeping since we got back from the Thanksgiving dinner.  His constant begging, cute faces, morning wake-ups, slinky walking and never ending happiness and kisses when we get home.  He really does make life more fun.

3) My wonderful parents for always being loving and supportive.  I am proud to say that my Mom continues to be my best friend.  Thank you for making me the person I am today!

4) has given me the opportunity to video chat with my parents in WA and video chat with my nephews.  Last night both Erik and Zack skyped me just so I could be a party of their naked balloon party!  I also got a few ideas from Erik about what he would like MeeMee to buy him for Christmas.  As usual, Zack just smiled into the camera and looked cute :)

5) My in-laws for hosting a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner today....the food was great, the company even better and the games super fun.

6) My wonderful FRIENDS!!  I'm blessed to have so many friends in my life that make each day better. 

7) Happy and healthy baby girls for two of my friends who are due in April.  Please continue to share your happiness with me.....I cannot wait to meet Baby Z and Baby Krimma.

8) HOPE that a very dear friend and I can soon be blessed with healthy babies to call our own.  It's gonna happen.....but here's to hoping it happens sooner rather than later.

9) My job....while it may be stressful and super busy at times....I love my new home at TCW.  It has been so refreshing to be appreciated and actually laugh at work on a daily basis.  (I do miss my Springwoods friends though!)

10) My new fridge....I must say that I am LOVING it!  I loved our old fridge too, but this new fridge is amazing and I cannot imagine how I lived my life without knowing how many ounces of water I'm getting :)

11) Our new camera....TJ finally broke down and got us a Nikon for takes great pictures and lets be honest, any new toy is fun to play with.

12) The Holiday Season....while at times it may bring up not so good memories for TJ and I, I do love the holiday spirit and am going to try and focus on that this year.

13) So funny story...the other day at work we were discussing how many pounds of turkey you should buy for each person.  I guessed 3-5 lbs per person....OBVIOUSLY, I was way's actually 1.5 lbs per person.  That being said, TJ and I are doing our own mini Thanksgiving tomorrow so that we have leftover turkey (our favorite and lets be honest, you cannot really take lots of leftovers when you are a guest for Thanksgiving dinner) and I got a 13 lb turkey for the two of us.   If you are hungry for more turkey tomorrow.....swing on by :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful gobble gobble day :)

November 21, 2011

Random Thoughts...........

So this was posted on a family members facebook tonight....

"Don't need an angel on my Christmas tree, I already have one looking down on me. Put this as your status if you have someone in heaven you wish could be with you on Christmas."

Now I know that there are many angels who are looking down on me but only one came to mind.....Baby Y.   I know it's been five months now and while each day gets a little easier....the pain, thoughts and memories are still there.

I love the holidays....everything from the shopping, food, to spending time with family and friends.  This holiday season has been so tough for me!  While I am still so thankful for everything I have, wonderful family, great friends, great job, WONDERFUL husband, happy puppy, etc.  I cannot help but think about the fact that we were supposed to be welcoming our first baby on/around Christmas.  I was supposed to be waddling and have a huge belly by now.  It's been very hard to not associate this Christmas with the loss of Baby Y since he/she was supposed to arrive then.  I still pray on a daily basis that we are blessed with another healthy baby....sooner rather than later.  I still pray that one of my very good friends is blessed with the same thing!

So when I think of all the angels looking down on me this Christmas, I will shed a tear for one special angel that I never got to meet and whom I miss every second of every day.

November 20, 2011

Primal Mud Run

I know this is long overdue....but nonetheless.....

On 11-5-11 I successfully completed my first Primal Mud Run :)  Why you ask???  My wonderful hubby did the Spartan Race in June and everyone that crossed the finish line was laughing and looked like they had a I thought.....I wanna do that....hence the Primal Mud Run. 
Driving to the race....didn't expect it to be 39 degrees was so freaking cold!!!
 I'm not much of an athlete but for today I was :)
 Yep....that's my number on my forehead!  We had to wear chips to track our times though!!
The Team....Kat, Erin, Mark, Adam, Erik, TJ and Moi :)
And we're off.............
First Obstacle.....get over the tall wall.......yes....all the girls needed help :)
 See we made it!
Next....flip the large tire four times one direction, four times the other direction
Then the cargo net....that TJ almost to the top :)
I'm not going to lie....I seriously wasn't sure I'd be able to do this....straight up and then straight down!
No seriously....I got this....
See....I made it to the what???  OMG this is high!

 TJ reminding me to go slow!!
 Next we had to run through this dark tunnel!
Then grab a sand bag and run with it!!
The sandbag was I walked a little.  Now here is where it all went down hill for me :(  You can't see the next obstacle, but we had to walk through a small creek with waist high water while carrying our sandbags.  When we entered the creek, the helper said, "Now there is a spot where the water looks different, there is a big rock there so make sure to go around it!"  Well how was I supposed to focus on the water and my sandbag and just walking through FREEZING cold water.  Needless to say, I found the rock....with my shins causing me to drop by sandbag and go under the water.  I was so worried about how much my WET sandbag was going to weigh that I wasn't focused on the pain in my shins.  I met up with TJ, got out of the water to bloody shins with golf ball sized knots!! the beginning of the race!  TJ urged me to quit cause it looked pretty bad!  I responded, "Fuck this....I'm finishing!"

 The next water obstacle....seriously people it's 39 degrees outside and you expect me to swim under those water jugs......REALLY....well I had to!!  I can't even explain how cold it was!  It was so hard to stop from semi hyperventilating due the cold long enough to hold my breath to swim under the water barrels.
 See....I made it....barely!  Now we walked because honestly when I started to run, my shins bled more and throbbed with pain!  I think being so cold actually helped with the pain!   We walked through the corn fields, through the creek again, up the steep hill and around the corner to see....
 The giant slip and slide :)  This was by far my favorite part!
 A couple that slides together...stays together!
 At the bottom of this nice slip and slide guessed it...more freezing water to swim out of!!  The rest of the course you couldn't really see from the viewing areas.  We basically had to jump over more walls, climb over and under wooded obstacles, run through tires, climb up and inclined plywood pyramid, slide through big black tubes into more freezing water, run through the muddy track, climb over several hay bails, swing on monkey bars (this I skipped) to the end.......
We made it to the mud pit at the end....lucky for me the barbed wire wasn't too low so I didn't have to get too muddy!
As Kat put it...."The mud model!"
We might have gotten in a small mud fight!  So fun!!!  Honestly I was just happy to be done!!!

I think I can finally run from my's mud so there is no running!!

We made it :) 

Muddy Hubby!

Happy Muddy Couple :)
The muddy, freezing and happy couple!  I have to say that even though we had to walk most of it because of my poor shins...we finished in about an hour and 45 minutes.   The first question people ask me is, "Would you do it again!"  I have to say, "HELL YES!!!"  One needs to be a little warmer because the freezing cold water was brutal!!