The Y's Happily Ever After

August 13, 2013

8 Months

William celebrated 8 months old yesterday.....where has the time gone??  He is busy crawling all over the place and has started to pull himself up on just about everything he can!!

Height/Weight - Guessing about 24 pounds and at least 29 inches long.
Eating - 5-6 oz of Formula about every 3-4 hours.  We are up to three meals a day.  Typically breakfast is some oatmeal cereal and a pureed fruit mix.  
Lunch continues to be little usually half a pouch of stage 2 baby food (loves spinach, peas and pears or anything with sweet potatoes).  If we are out and about, he usually likes puffs or a teething biscuit.
Dinner is usually an veggie or two (something green and something orange (still pureed) and some type of finger food.  He likes noodles, avocado and sweet potatoes as finger foods.  We have given him some shredded chicken and he didn't hate it!!  We are now eating Cheerios and we had pancakes for the first time last week and they were a hit!!
Sleep - I hate to write anything on here but lets just say that his sleep is still pretty good (some days great, some days not so great but overall pretty good).  For the most part he sleeps from 7:30-8:00 p.m. to 4:30 - 6:00 a.m.  The 4:30 mornings are a little tough though!!  Still taking about 3 naps a day - a morning nap for 1-2 hours, early afternoon for 1-1.5 hours and sometimes a catnap before dinner for 30 min- 1 hour.  Although for the past two days at daycare he has taken two long naps.
Play - We have a musical boy on our hands...loves anything that sings or makes noise.  He loves to chase after toys.  He enjoys trying to grab a ball and then following it as he misses it!  Loves trucks and legos and anything that will allow him to stand and play.  He tries to pull himself up on everything!!  He loves to go after cords, rugs and recently found the air conditioning vents :)  He has become a fan of his bouncy seat (helps Mommy get dinner done too!)  He LOVES to take my glasses off and have me put them back on.  Did I mention that he loves my cell phone as well....I couldn't hear people very well for a few days because of the drool he left in it :)  He crawls all over the place putting everything into his mouth!  His new thing is to point at everything with his pointer's pretty cute.  He has started to wave but I don't think he makes the connection that it means hello or goodbye even though TJ and I say "Hello" every single time we see him wave!

Like -  Mickey Mouse, taking walks in his Bob stroller, playing on the floor, crawling around, skyping with people, pulling himself into a standing position on anything that will let him!   He still loves to chew on things, especially cold things, loves his baths and swimming around, reading books, splashing water everywhere in his bath, reading books in his bath, sitting outside waiting for daddy to get home from work, eating, bouncing, flirting with the ladies, playing with his buddies at daycare and giving smiles, pointing at things, shaking things, slowing picking up food and dancing!!

Dislikes - green beans, being tired but not going to sleep, not being able to get something, having his face washed, being changed (rolls around).  Overall a pretty happy baby!!

Now the fun!
 Do you see me standing!!
 See, even I'm surprised I can stand by myself!
 Daddy was listening to Natalie Merchant and I knew Mommy didn't like it so I covered her ears!
 Mommy and Daddy thought it looked like I was on the potty :(
 See Mommy laughing in the background!

 Being up at 5 am is GREAT...see!!
 The pancakes made it into my mouth...success!
 Please give me a little more??
 I'm gonna hold on really tight just in case I fall first!
 I might like this???
 What is this and why does it bounce?
 Mommy can I just play on the ground??
 Standing fool!
 This looks fun!
 Did you really expect me to wear the sticker??
 It doesn't taste very good :(
 Sticky but fun...
 Yummy then Yucky!
 Look mom I can read!
 Now my turn to hold the I come!
 Oh Daddy you are too silly!
 No seriously.....
 You crack me up!
 My daddy is hilarious!