The Y's Happily Ever After

January 27, 2014

Snow Day Fun

Soooooo....I have been fortunate enough to spend a little extra time with my little man lately.
Two Friday's ago William had an ear infection and then got the stomach bug (first time he ever threw up and it was not fun) so I got to stay home with him and spend lots of time cuddling.
Then the stomach bug went through our entire house and William developed Bronchiolitis so I got the spend Monday and Tuesday afternoon with him and then the stomach bug hit daycare so I spent Friday with him.  Monday was a holiday and we were off due to snow Tuesday and Wednesday so I have been home with my little man tons lately and I LOVE IT!!!  I'm exhausted but have really had a fun time :)
It is amazing how much he grows in the matter of a few hours....he is really talking up a storm (we have no idea what he is saying other than "dada, this, dog and more" but he loves to chat away.  My favorite is when he likes to read books...either by himself or backing up to sit in our laps!

Here are some random pics of our adventures together :)
We sit together in the morning and have kix and some milk while watching the news or Mickey before make breakfast!  William LOVES eggs...seriously LOVES them!

One morning I got to sleep until 6 am and drink one cup of coffee before Will got up....this doesn't happen often so I had to capture the moment!
                                                                  Another picture Mom...really?

This is how we open a box apparently.....we sit on it of course!!
See....we slide right in!

William decided to use the boppy as a pillow!

This could be fun??
Make it STOP moving......
Seriously look at that dirty look!

This is my view from the bathroom every morning!!

Just chilaxin!!

Helping Mommy make cupcakes!
Sometimes you just need to sleep on Mommy :)

January 22, 2014

Fun with Nanny

So I had MLK day off and we decided to try out a new indoor playground in Fairfax, close to Nanny so we were excited when she joined us.  The place is called Kid Junction.  It is $7 per child and adults are free.  I wouldn't recommend it unless your kids are a little bit older...maybe 2 and up??  It isn't as big as I expected but was a good way to kill some time.  The pizza was not good and you aren't allowed to bring in your own (although I did smuggle in some).  The chicken fingers looked good.  You have to purchase tokens to go on any of the motorized rides and play the games.

William had a rough drive there (he still isn't a fan of the car....he does well for about 30 ish minutes but any longer and he wants out so the hour drive didn't make him happy!)

We were also shocked that he didn't want to climb on the playground as he is such a dare devil at home and loves the big playground near our house....must have been an off day!  The did have lots of little dress up/play areas which were cute and I put a video of him dancing to the music playing near the ski ball :)

Here are some pics of the fun he had :)

 We are okay until the rides start moving...makes it cheap for us :)

 The mail room

 The Grocery Store :)

I couldn't get the video to process  :(