The Y's Happily Ever After

April 29, 2013

No Pants Party

William loves to be naked......loves every night we have a "no pants party" prior to our tubby time :)  Tonight he kept rolling back and forth from his belly to his  back and reversed.  He has also discovered his feet and loves to roll around.  We didn't get any rolling over on video but we almost got it!  (I bought the Hawaiian diapers last year when they came out in a Size 2 thinking that Will would be in them in the summer....not so much....he is growing up so fast and is almost out of his size 2 diapers already so we are using them up!)
Hope this makes you smile as much as it did for us!

April 24, 2013

April 17, 2013

4 Month Update

We had our four month appointment yesterday and everything went GREAT, minus the shots :(

William is officially 16 lbs 5 oz and 25 inches long.  We have been given the go ahead to start cereal then fruits and veggies whenever he is ready!!

Our first attempt at rice cereal went "okay!"


April 16, 2013

William's Baptism

William was baptized on Sunday :)  We had beautiful weather and were joined by family and friends to help celebrate Williams special day!  Will was baptized at St. John the Evangelist Church.  He did a great job.  He was super social, laughing at the ladies, and smiling at the priest.  He didn't cry or make a peep the entire time.  William was super lucky to have Nomi as his Godmother and Pop Pop as his Godfather.  Here are some pictures from his special day!

I also fixed the video from my previous post if you want to see William talking!!


April 15, 2013

Just so we remember.....

I'm writing down a number....8.5....that is all.....I know it was a fluke last night but nonetheless I feel the need to document this for when William is older.

Now onto some cuteness....we have quite the talker here!!

April 12, 2013

4 Months

Height/Weight - unofficially we think he weighs about 16 pounds and is 26 inches long (this is a guess).  Our fourth month appointment is next Tuesday so we will update with the official numbers then.
Eating - about 4 oz every three hours and a 5 oz bottle before bed and at his first wake up at night.
Sleep - we are getting there.  He is a cat napper and prefers to take short 30 minute naps here and there as opposed to longer naps.  Occassionally we get a long nap in and celebrate :)  We are doing pretty good at night.  We go to bed around 7 - 7:30 p.m. and wake up for the first time anytime between 12 - 3.  He goes back to bed for about another 3 - 4 stretch, eats again and then sleeps for another 2-3 before being up for the day!  He can make it about an hour and half during the day before being sleepy and needed a little nap.
Play - Will loves to grab things and put them in his mouth!  He is a big fan of laying on the carpet and singing, kicking and moving all around.  He loves to talk and sing to us and is a big fan of giggling :)  He is doing a great job with tummy time.  He can roll over from belly to back and back to belly.  He loves walking around the house and looking at the pictures.  Recently, he has started looking at himself and us in the mirror.  He likes his chew beads and is still a fan of his blue woobie with taggies on it.  His bouncy chair is hit or miss.
Like - eating, bath time, moving on the floor, making noises, singing, talking himself to sleep, squealing, taking walks in the bob, the rainforest light up thingy in his crib, his mobile, smiling when he gets up in the morning, massage time with mommy and sitting outside on the porch waiting for mommy to come home, loves his brae!  
Dislikes - long naps, car seat, car seat, car seat which means he hates riding in the car :(
Here is a video of his squeals and giggling :)
Now for the pictures!!


 And the ripping of the sticker begins!!