The Y's Happily Ever After

January 26, 2012

Thankful on Thursday

1) I'm thankful that it's almost Friday :)

2) Working with an amazing staff :)  It is principal appreciation week and I have been spoiled with gifts, wishes and yummy treats!   I even had a few super nice messages from my Springwoods are amazing!

3) A successful knee surgery for Joanne.  I'm happy to report that she is doing well and getting some much needed R&R.

4)  Girls....all of my friends are expecting Girl babies so lots of pink things to buy :)

6)  Seeing Springwoods friends and Ashley and Ace last weekend!

5) Hopeful for some amazing news's a long time coming and I'm super excited about it!!!

6) Leo....when I'm feeling down or sorry for myself, he always cuddles, give me kisses and makes me laugh with his silly de-stuffing techniques and funny faces and noises.  I love you Leo!

7) So.......I've been trying to run more with the hubby (honestly haven't been at all this week, but plan on going tomorrow) and when I ordered jeans online last week, I ordered a size smaller.  To my shock, I put them on tonight and they fit....a little snug, but they zip and button and I'm going to wear them to work tomorrow so they can't be that tight!!  Woo Hoo!!!   I guess this whole watching what I eat and exercising thing just might work!

8) My wonderful hubby....I love you because..........

9) A trip to see my mom, sister, Erik and Zack next week.  I cannot wait to catch up and spend time together!  Not going to work for a few days sounds nice too!!

10) Mini York Peppermint Patties.....a little treat that helped me get through some long days this week!

Until next time.........

January 22, 2012


Just a few projects I worked on this weekend :)

I love you because love love this :)  Got the idea from Pinterest... (here is the link with the step by step directions).  In all honesty, Ashley did three of the ribbon flowers and really helped with the one I was able to finish!!  I need to get a black marker, but otherwise it looks great and in our wedding colors!!
 Next frame....pick your favorite date, print pictures and frame :)  (I got this frame for $20 from was 50% off!  I suggest waiting until the frames go on sale at Michaels).  I printed the pictures on computer paper.
I chose the best day of my life so far....our wedding date :)  Visit: for a huge collection of pictures of all different numbers. 

Last project, again with lots of inspiration and ideas from Ashley....what would I do without her!!  Hopefully Kbarbs doesn't check my blog regularly!!!  This is for her baby shower next weekend.  A cute personalized frame with baby Avery's name.  I got these printable stickers from Michaels ($1.99 in the clearance section) and got to pick out the colors from their online templates.  Hopefully this will match her brown, pink and green themed nursery :)

Made this for dessert when Ashley and Ace came over.....super Yummy and easy!!!
 Here is the recipe:

January 16, 2012

Focus on the Positive

My new motto for 2012: Focus on the positive and believe.

Although 2012 has been a little rocky so far....I'm holding out hope that it will be the best year for us :)

On January 7th, I decided to take a pregnancy test because I was a few days late but didn't have any period symptoms other than a little cramping.   If you read my blog or know me, I'm terrified of pregnancy tests because for so long they only said one thing "not pregnant!"  I waiting until TJ left to run errands so that I wouldn't have to get him all worked up for nothing.  To my surprise....I took the digital pregnancy test and it came out positive...PREGNANT!  I jumped up an down and screamed!!!  I called TJ right away and told a little white lie (I told him I fell and needed him to come home) so that he would rush back.  We cried and smiled and just held each other.  For most couples, getting pregnant comes easy.....but for us, it has been a little bit of a struggle with unexplained infertility, IUI treatments and a missed miscarriage at 3 months. 

Our hearts were so happy because we got pregnant on our doctors, fertility drugs or treatments....just the two of us!  Needless to say we were once again on cloud 9.  This is the positive we will continue to focus on :)

Unfortunately, I miscarried a few days later.  While our hearts were once again broken and the many "why" questions started to surface again....we have been able to pick up the pieces and look forward to the future.  As hard as this was, it helped us realize that it is possible for us to get pregnant on our own.

So while my heart is still sad for our loss....we are focusing on the big glimmer of hope that we can get pregnant on our own :)  Here's to hoping that a post in the very near future is celebrating a healthy pregnancy.

Thank you for your continued thoughts, prayers and positivity!

2012 is going to be our year....I can just feel it!

January 3, 2012

Holiday 2011 in Review

Here is what we have been up to for the last two weeks :)

December 24th - we celebrated Kucci (pronounced koochie) with the Yuditsky's.  This twelve-dish Lithuanian Christmas Eve supper  consists of twelve meatless dishes representing the twelve Apostles.
After the lord's prayer the mother of the household will anoint each person present with honey, making the sign of the Cross on their lips, saying: "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit: may you have sweetness and many good things in life and in the new year."

This year we had crab cakes, coleslaw, shrimp salad, perogies, crab rangoons, potato salad, celery with cream cheese, rolls, shrimp, peas, salmon, and olives.  It was a fun time had by all with lots of full tummies!!
 The table set for Kucci.

Shelby and Cora playing :)

December 25th - TJ and I drove back home Christmas Eve so that we could spend Christmas morning together.  We woke up, got our coffee, lit the German Christmas Tree, played Christmas music, opened presents and then I made my first ever batch of Biscuits and Gravy.  This was a great way to start off tears shed!
 Ready for Christmas morning....
 Lighting the German thingy...
 The happy family!!
 Leo playing with his Christmas toys!
More toys!!
More Toys....give me Mommy!
Camera....TJ actually gave this to me a few days prior :)

Leo helping to open presents!

More cold weather running gear!

Massage for me and one of my friends!!

Cool scarf/shaw from my Mom :)

So I had to lie to TJ for a week and tell him that I would never order him a quilt so he must have read the box wrong....he figured it out when he opened the box!!

I made him a shirt quilt with all his old Harley shirts that are too big!!

REI gift card from the Parents

Stampin up gift card from the parents!

TJ made this wine rack for me :)

Biscuits and Gravy!!!       

Shelby playing with Leo

TJ blowing up the ball pit we got Shelby and Cora :)

Playing the cool game my parents got the Yuditsky's...Planko

Overall a wonderful Christmas with a wonderful family :)  Hope your Holiday's were merry and bright!