The Y's Happily Ever After

February 17, 2014

Yes.....more Snow Days

While I cannot complain about the extra time at home, I am starting to get sick of the snow!!  Needless to say, we had two more snow days on Thursday and Friday because we got about 14 inches of snow!!  The best part about the snow days....on Thursday, Daddy got to stay home with us!!!

We have been busy in the Y household between chasing our 14 month old, attempting to pack and organize, waiting for news from our hopefully new house and officially putting our house on the rental market....oh and being 30 weeks pregnant!!  We still try our best to have fun and laugh along the way!!

Here is our snow cation take two via pictures!!

 I went to get a sled after the last snow storm and they were out...thanks to daddy, we attempted to make one!

 Helping DaDa shovel!!

 Happy Birthday Daddy!!

 It was more fun to push the wagon then sit in it :)

 Let me see if I can pull this like Mommy!

 Wait a minute....this stuff is good!!  First time eating snow (of course Mommy picked the clean snow and not the snow off the street he was reaching for!!)

 I put my hat on during breakfast to be silly and look who had to wear it....super cute!!

 Putting DaDa's boots on :)