The Y's Happily Ever After

October 27, 2013

Weekend Fun

This was the first weekend we didn't have any real plans...we played, ran errands, went on walks, cuddled, William had his first kids meal at Chick-fil-A, we drove by houses for sale closer to my work and TJ's work (we are just looking as we have to finish the basement and find renters!!) and just hung out as a family!

TJ ran the MCM 10K yesterday and we decided to stay home since it was so cold and it is crazy busy trying to meet up!  We are very proud o him though!!

The biggest news of the weekend....WE ARE is going too fast!!

Here are some pictures and a Video of William walking!!

 Silly Daddy!

 Lego's are only fun if we dump them all out!

 William's Self Portrait!
He is pushing everything!!

October 14, 2013

10 Months!!!

Height/Weight - almost 25 lbs at his sick appointment last week.  Not sure on length but he is starting to fit into some things that were a little long before!! 
Eating - About 4 bottles a day (6 oz each).  He dropped a bottle on his own and sometimes does half a bottle then an hour later the other half!! 
Breakfast - so far we like: oatmeal with pureed fruit, blueberries, raspberries, banana, pear, waffles, cheerios, cantaloupe and we finally like yogurt (has to be the yo baby blueberry, peach or vanilla though) 
Lunch - still a stage 2 pouch (easier for daycare) with some sort of finger food (fruit, puffs, cheerios, yogurt melts).
Snack - water, puffs, cheerios, yogurt melts, arrowroot cookies, apples
Dinner - we are trying more finger foods but still have one puree (usually sweet potatoes or a green mix).  He likes: noodles, cheese, AVOCADO, chicken and spinach.  This week we are trying green beans, carrots, and black beans. 
He still loves to eat...loves it and uses two hands...especially if he can feed himself!!
Sleep - We are getting there!!  Naps are pretty in the morning (1 - 1.5 hours), one in the afternoon (1 - 1.5 hours) and sometimes a cat nap (30 or so minutes) in the car or before dinner.  He goes to be between 7:30 - 8:00 and has been waking up anywhere from 5:00 - 6:30 a.m. (getting a little better).   It is what it is and we are thankful for a happy, healthy baby who does sleep :)
Play - He loves to play....with other kiddos, with adults and by himself...he is quite the entertainer.  He loves his legos and his tool chest.  Still gravitates towards any toy that make noise and anything that he can stand up with, push (it is amazing how a little basket can be used as a push toy), and sit on.  He loves to take things out of boxes (tissues, wipes, Mommy's panty liners (LOL)).  He loves to take his socks off and swings them around like they are a prize!! He is cruising around tables, chairs, cabinet (he is like spiderman) and the couch!  He loves to super crawl towards the stairs and will crawl all the way up the stairs if we let him!  Still loves Mickey and Sully from Monsters Inc (it is his favorite book).

Like -  dancing (he will move and groove to just about any music), standing, walking with toys, banging toys, shaking toys to make noise, walks when daddy puts him on his shoulders, singing and talking as he eats, playing with the remote, throwing balls back and forth, walking up stairs, looking out the window, playing with the air conditioner grates, playing with bowls and spoons in the kitchen, throwing things off his high chair,  skyping with family and friends, pulling himself up on our legs, sitting on the deck/porch, looking out the windows, loves peek-a-boo, loves splashing during bath time, eating, snuggling and exploring every nook and cranny he can wiggle himself into!  He still likes walks at night (either in his stroller, bike or daddy's shoulders). 

Dislikes - having his nails clipped, having his face washed, being changed (as my daycare lady put it: it's like wrestling and alligator to change his diaper...she was laughing!!), having a runny nose, ear aches (he had his first ear infections (one in each ear) last week.   Basically anything that requires him to stay still!!
Still loving being parents and having this little ball of energy make us smile several times a day!!  It's a tough job but his smile makes the tough times disappear!

Now for some pictures!!!

We started the day off at my school's first ever 5k :)  Despite the rain, William did a great job!!

 Dinner at Outback...he was such a flirt and loved playing with the straws!!

Seriously Mom....another picture??

 It's too early to smile...
 Just kidding!!
 Hey where did this come from??
 A sticker!!

A trip to home depot....William was a great driver!!
Ta Da!!