The Y's Happily Ever After

July 29, 2014

18 Months

18 months on June 12th.....going by too fast :( 

Height/Weight - 32.2 lbs, 33.5 inches long on July 15th

Breakfast - likes  grapes, blueberry waffles, bananas, cottage cheese, yogurt, eggs, pineapple, golden grahams :)

Snacks - still loves water, puffs,  goldfish, grapes, cheese its, cheese, sometimes blueberries

Dinner -  eats what we eat but loves: Fish (sticks and tacos), mac-n-cheese, corn, peas, anything with cheese, rice, tator tots, chicken nuggets, raviolis, stuffed shells
Sleep - We pretty much only take one nap now but when we wake up at 5 am we sometimes need a 45 min cat nap around 8 :)
Play - Anything that moves, trains, fire trucks, any construction truck, playing in his kitchen, loves reading books and identifying things he knows, coloring, and his water/sand table :)
Likes - talking, going on walks, going to the park, splash parks, going to the pool, playing in water or sand, helping mommy cook, coloring, getting rides on mommy and daddy, bugging his brother, taking a bath, still likes Mickey, obsessed with planes, trains, motorcycles, fire trucks and construction vehicles.  He loves the water and talks non stop :)

Favorite sayings - "ah nuts, love you mama/dada, gucas (lucas), whats that, no, i did it, fire truck, toots, yes, papaplease, fank you"

He continues to amaze me my little guy!!

William had a monster cupcake to celebrate 1 1/2 :)

Three Months

Trying to catch up....

Height/Weight - No official appointment for three months but I'm guessing he weights about 14 lbs :)

Eating- We love to eat but as sad as I am to report, we are no longer breastfeeding...Lucas fought it so much that I figured it wasn't worth the frustrating it caused him and pumping didn't work :(  He is currently having 4 oz every 3 hours with a 5 ounce bottle before bed :)

Sleep-  Our favorite place to nap for any extended period of time is on Mommy or Daddy!  He will nap in his bed in the morning for about 30 minutes.  In the afternoon he will nap in the swing for a little bit but prefers Mommy.  We get anywhere from a 4-7 hour stretch at night (7 hours only happened once).

Play-  enjoys playing on his monkey mat looking at the monkeys move and has started grabbing for the hanging toys.  He is starting to enjoy peekaboo but his favorite thing is if you just laugh and make funny faces at him.  He turns his had and tries to move his body to find William in the room.  Likes sitting in the gumbo!!

Likes - his brother William, anyone singing to him, long walks, anything were he's moving -Swinging, riding in the car going on a walk mommy and daddy bouncing him. He likes holding a blanket and chewing on his hands.  He loves sleeping on mommy and daddy.  He likes bath time.

Dislikes - love taps from his brother, being in his car seat, sleeping for a long time in his crib during the day.