The Y's Happily Ever After

March 26, 2013

Spring Break

Ashley and Kennedy visited us this past weekend while the boys went camping...a separate blog post coming with details from our fun visit (honestly I have to download the pictures off the camera and I'm super lazy and tired right now but had to get a quick post in!)

Spring Break officially started off this year with about 6 inches of snow...seriously!!! 

We have been busy enjoying our time together so far!

 We start off by showing off our moving skills.  When I put him to bed, his head was where his feet are, he basically turned himself 180 degrees (without hitting his head)!!
Blowing bubbles and laughing with mommy!!
We bought this bear outfit in Victoria, Canada while visiting my parents last summer!!

 Look at the cute says "Bear bum!"
 I found my thumb and it tastes yummy!!
Nanny and Pop Pop sent me my first Easter card!!

March 13, 2013

I don't wanna........

Leave my precious baby boy to go back to work tomorrow :(  Seriously....just look at how cute he is and how big he is getting!!

March 10, 2013


Here is a little piece of our happiness!!  Love love love this sound!!  Playing with Mommy and Daddy on my play mat!!

March 7, 2013

We did it........

Yes...that's right...William rolled over and I was able to get it on video!  I'm thankful for my happy, healthy, growing baby boy!!

March 6, 2013

3 Months

William is three months old today :)  He was super lucky to have a rare March snowstorm that brought about 8 inches of snow for him to briefly feel and see!

Height/Weight - as of last Friday 13.5 lbs and 24.5 inches long.
Eating - 4 oz every three hours and breastfeeding whenever he will!

Sleep- Lets just say that we are trying!  We currently aren't a very good napper and typically only sleep for about 20 - 45 minutes on our own and sometimes can sleep longer on Mommy if need be.  We have hit a rough spot as far as nighttime sleep is concerned (still getting a longish stretch) so hopefully this will improve soon!  I've been told not to talk about sleep on the blog!!

Play-  Will has learned to grab things that are hanging in front of him and he loves his bouncy seat with toys!  He is a big fan of just laying on the floor and moving and grooving around, kicking his arms and legs.  He likes tummy time for about 5 minutes and is so close to rolling over again.  He likes the mobile in his crib and will lay and talk to the mobile for a few minutes each day.  The swing is still hit or miss!  He loves anything that sings and lights up!  He is very talkative and even giggles for mommy when she props him on the boppy on her lap.  He blows bubbles, coos and smiles away!

Likes - Eating, Bath time, grooving on the floor, talking to people on skype, cooing at mommy and daddy, sucking his hands, thumb, anything he can get in his mouth, blowing bubbles, louie the light and freddie the fan, anything with lights that moves.

Dislikes - naps, car seat and car rides, sometime Target.
And now for some pictures..... :)

 Daddy took this picture to show how much William was partying for his 3 month birthday...LOL!
 Nap time with Mommy!
A little video of Will during tummy time!!

March 5, 2013


It is hard to believe that William will be 3 months old tomorrow!! 
So....TJ and I had a date day on Saturday (why day and not night you ask??  with a three month old we treasure our bedtime routine where we give Will a bath, feed him, swaddle him and rock him to sleep so we wanted to be back in time for that!)  Nanny and Pop Pop watch Will as we headed out to watch a matinee and have an early dinner.  Speaking of matinee....did you know they don't really exist anymore?? Basically the matinee is now only the first showing of a movie each day (yes the 10 or 11 a.m. showing is the only matinee movie now!!)  I don't know how a family affords the movies at $12 a ticket, not to mention an additional $4 per ticket for 3D and an additional $6 per ticket for Imax!!!  Anywho...I digress!!  TJ and I had a great time but sure did miss our little guy.  When we got back Nanny told us all about how Will was giggling....WHAT??  He giggled without us??  We were super excited that Nanny got to hear his giggle but we were a little sad that we hadn't yet!!  That was until the next day.....OMG....super cute giggle!!  It does take a little work and coaxing to get the giggle out but we LOVE it.  Hope you enjoy as well!!  Watch until the end as the last few giggles are the cutest!!  (Sorry about the loud mommy voice!!)