The Y's Happily Ever After

December 30, 2013

Christmas Fun

This year we spend Christmas Eve at the Yuditsky's with Nanny, Pop Pop and Tracey celebrating Kucious (traditional Lithuanian Christmas Eve Dinner).  Kucious starts with rubbing honey on everyones lips in the hopes that you remain sweet (William passed since he can't have honey yet!!) and then a meatless meal (pierogi's are always my favorites and were William's as well!)

William had fun and really enjoyed the singing dog Nanny and Pop Pop gave him.

We decided that we wanted to be in our house for Christmas since this would be the first year that William would be opening presents!!  He did a great job and really enjoyed opening presents!  William gave us an amazing present by sleeping until 7 am!!!  We started by having a cuddle session upstairs and then William carried Jesus down to put in the manger.

It was so much fun watching William open presents, especially considering he would have been happy with the!  He did like everything and began playing with things as soon as we could get them out of the box (seriously, Fischer Price wins for ease of opening!)  It looked like someone threw up toys in our living room.

We finished off the day with a visit from Nanny, Pop Pop and Tracey, more toys and a big lunch where we learned that William enjoys ham!!  We also took a quick walk in Williams new Wagon :)

We really missed Brae, Brumps, Steph, Erik, Zack and Cris but got to Skype with them!

Having a cold on Christmas Stinks!

 Snuggle time since we  had to change into our Christmas PJ's

 We both look silly!

 Opening presents is hard work...let me take a milk break!

December 27, 2013

Blog Catch Up

So my goal this break is to catch up on the blog….so you should see several older posts coming soon!!

First…we are thrilled to announce that William will be welcoming a baby BROTHER in April!!  As usual, I am measuring about a week ahead (new due date April 18th)  and baby brother has very long legs and already weighs in at 1.5 lbs!!  This baby is much more active than William and I've had lots of Braxton hicks this time around (It could be I had no idea what it felt like with William so I wasn't aware!)  Needless to say…this is an active little one!

Just in case the first picture was evidence enough…when I went for my last ultrasound he was really showing off….no questions….it's a BOY :)

Yes…that is his pee pee….they kept calling him a little show off :)

December 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!

One year ago today at 8:19 pm, we welcomed William Thomas into the world.  He is by far the best gift we have ever received.  He has blessed up with love, happiness and laughter.  He is sweet, caring, funny and loving!!  Thank you for William for making Mommy and Daddy the happiest people in the world!  We love you baby boy!!

 Meeting Daddy for the First Time :)
 Getting ready to leave the hospital!
 Mommy holding William for the first Time!
 My sweet boy!

One Happy Family!

 Happy Birthday William!!
 Look it's Mickey!
 Yummy (look at my poor cheeks….I'm teething)
 Proud Mommy

 Proud Daddy!
 I fed Mommy but then wanted it back….hehehe!